We find it respectable to marry one wife and secretly cheat with many- Uche Edochie makes a case for men taking more than one wife

We find it respectable to marry one wife and secretly cheat with many- Uche Edochie makes a case for men taking more than one wife

Uche Edochie, one of the brothers of actor Yul Edochie, has taken to social media to ask an interesting question.

In a video shared on his Instagram page this morning, Uche asked how should society treat a person who makes an irreversible mistake.

Yul has been in the news since April this year when he announced he fathered a child with actress Judy Moghalu and has taken her as his second wife. His decision has been widely condemned by many Nigerians who saw him as a role model.

Uche on Sunday, September 18, shared a post on Instagram, where he pointed out that society doesn’t value honesty and that the truth only creates enemies when it is told.

”What is more admirable between honesty and deception? Most people will tell you that it is honesty and even proceed to quote a part of scripture that says, ‘The truth shall set you free’.

But none of this is true though. Society does not value honesty and the truth will only make you enemies. It doesn’t set you free. Not on this planet. If we all went around speaking our minds, we will either end up dead or in jail. We are encouraged to tell the truth but vilified when we do. Isn’t that something?

So we lie to our wives, husbands, parents, children and all of society. We lie to protect them because we know that they cannot handle the truth. That is why we lie. The most controversial thing you can do today is not killing, cheating or stealing. Society does this everyday enmass. The most controversial thing you can do is to tell the truth. A lie is like a bottle of soda. It tastes good but it isn’t good for us. Truth on the other hand is like quinine. The taste is horrible but healthy and curative. That is why we have adverts of your coca colas and pepsis plastered all over the world but not quinine. A lie simply tastes better.

And this my friends is why we celebrate cheaters and attack truth tellers. We consider it more respectable for a man to marry one wife and quietly cheat on her with multiple women than for him to marry two or more of these women, making his feelings for them official and respectable. It seems to me that the issues we face in life are not because we are imperfect humans. We struggle as a society simply because we cannot handle the truth.

Sister WivesAcrylic on Canvas40 x 50 inches2022”he wrote

Many bashed him, saying he was justifying the actions of his brother, Yul.

In response to his critics, he shared another video this morning, stating that everyone makes mistakes.

”When you make an irreversible mistake in your life and everybody makes this mistakes, how do you think society should treat you? Do you think society should condemn you for the rest of your life or do you get to remedy that situation by trying to make things better?”he asked


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