“I Have Been Married For 28 Years To One Woman” – Uche Edochie Speaks About His Young Brother, Yul Becoming A Polygamist

We find it respectable to marry one wife and secretly cheat with many- Uche Edochie makes a case for men taking more than one wife

Uche Edochie, elder brother of Nollywood actor, Yul Edochie has written a lengthy note to social media users who storm his page daily to abuse him because his brother took a second wife.

Uche wrote on his Instagram page:

“My art has always been about the human condition. To understand humans better, I periodically engage them in various ways to pick their brains about all kinds of issues. I am currently exploring a series of ideas on the subject of redemption, truth and responsibility. So I put out a poll recently to guage public sentiment on these topics.

It was a short video in which I asked the public how they want to be treated by society when they make mistakes. Simple question with mostly wild and scatter shot responses.

There are two broad categories of people that follow me on social media. There is the art crowd and then there is the rest. The art crowd is easy to identify. They are professional, insightful and respectful. The other half are a mixed bag of people from all walks of life and some of them lack etiquette.

I can understand some people are unhappy about my brother becoming a polygamist recently. He sees your comments and recognizes that things could have been done better. He has tried in his own way to take responsibility, rather than run and hide. Whatever grievances you have about all of this are for him to address, if he chooses to. I love my brother but I don’t pick wives for him or anyone.

Why would anyone assume it is okay to abuse me for someone else’s life choices? That is bizarre. I don’t know how well you know me but I don’t have two wives. I have been with the same woman since I was nineteen and we have had twenty eight wonderful years together. That is longer than some of you have been alive. The way I loved her then is the way I love her now.

Human society is very judgemental and I get it. I accept it. But blame me for my choices in life and not for what others do.Back when there was no social media and conversations were held face to face, nobody would dare to walk up to you and just insult you. If you cannot be respectful when you are on my page, please unfollow me. I would rather engage with the cultured alone.

Anyway the poll didn’t capture sufficient data but thank you to those of you who had the discipline to stay on topic and be respectful. May you be met with such respect in your lives.”


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