“Stop CAPPIN!” Peruzzi Responds To Post On Him Writing 80% Of Davido’s Songs

Singer Peruzzi has hit back at a social media user who stated that he had written 80% of Davido’s hit songs.

30 BG singer Peruzzi has slammed a social media user who had stated that the singer had written 80% of his label boss.’ Davido’s songs on his social media platform today, Monday, September 12, 2022, following the release of the music video for ‘Hypertension‘ earlier today as well.

The singer who had also responded to the direct comparison between him and Wizkid also hit back at the user who tried to underplay the achievement of both him and Davido.

The post had read:

After seeing this video, I agree that Peruzzi wrote 80% of Davido’s hit! Same pattern bro!!

Peruzzi had responded with a post that read:

Okay, Name 1 Davido Song That Has The Same Pattern As “Hypertension”. I Won’t Wait. Stop CAPPIN


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