Meet DJ Kaycee, Winner of 2022 Edition of LMA’s DJ of the Year

DJ Kaycee

Fagbe John Oluwafemi (born, May 14) professionally known as DJ Kaycee is a Nigerian Disc Jockey who hails from Ijare, a town in Ifedore Local Government Area of Ondo State is the winner of the 2022 edition of the Laoudit Music Awards under the DJ of the year category.

DJ Kaycee attended St. Peters primary school after which he enrolled at the IMOSHA (Ijo Mimo Oluwa High School) for the secondary school. He later graduated at the Federal Polytechnic Ado-Ekiti where he studied Quantity Surveying.

dj kaycee

We had one on one interactive section with DJ Kaycee. Below is the transcript of the conversations had with him

How did you become a Disc Jockey, and when and how long have you been a DJ?

I love music and being a DJ is like the easiest way for me to make people happy by playing their favorite songs.
I have always loved all genre of music right from childhood, I started professionally in 2004, so it’s about 19 years now.

Who would you say were your role model(DJs) in the industry?

I don’t really have someone I look up to in the industry, but I can not deny the fact that there are some pioneer, for example someone like Jimmy Jatt who paved way for the DJ’s

What makes you unique as a DJ?

I think my style, swag and resilience to always satisfy and resonate with audience

What motivates you to keep pushing?

What keeps me going is the passion i have for music and the kind of reception I get anytime i am performing.

Were your parents in support of you being a DJ?

Yes 100%, my parents were very supportive. Actually, my Dad was a DJ back then in Paris, France.

Tell us as Nigerian DJ things you dislike in the industry that affects DJs. ?

What i dislike in the industry is that when it pricing and we don’t value ourselves, we don’t put ourselves where we belong in the industry. We should be in the same level as artists in the industry.

Moments on stage Dj’ing or as a Dj you’ll never forget?

Every moment is special to me. But the most exciting one is recently during my tour in Indianapolis. The turn up was something I have never had. So this is why I will never forget.

What next for you?

Presently I’m doing club tour across cities in United States and United Kingdom. I’m also working on my first mixtape for this year. It will be available on all digital platforms in a couple weeks.

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