Clout Mag Heralds Three Generations Of Nigerian Music Producers ‘THE HEIST’

In the digital era where the music of African origin has captured the global zeitgeist, it is vital for African storytellers to seize the opportunity that global attention brings to set things straight.

Clout Africa has spent the last two years creating a new standard for music production, artiste management and media distribution in Nigeria through its dedicated media incubator and full stack production studio. It is now in the place of setting out its 2nd edition of the “CLOUT MAG” after a successful one in 2021.

Clout Mag centers our own biggest and brightest talents and celebrates the innovators and trailblazers representing the country home and abroad. The growing appreciation for Nigerian music makes it clear that our stories can make an impact on a larger scale.

Clout Africa is uniquely positioned to deal with the balance of reporting conversations around our biggest stars and this new landscape swiftly coming into view. Clout is elevating original reporting and in-depth feature writing to create an editorial package, “Clout Mag,” that highlights the intersection of our music and culture, peeling back the curtain on different generations of Nigerian music Producers and celebrating how well they have been able to make our sound a global taste.

Our affiliate network, local and international partnerships and proximity to the music scene in Lagos allow us to serve as a trusted voice in African music, and so we’re sharing our 2nd edition of the magazine, “The Heist,” which covers different generations of Nigeria’s brightest music producers, Masterkraft, Dunnie, Pheelz, Pprime.

These 4 producers have been able to stand out in their generation and have been able to take music production to another level and try to emulate and make a global sound. We hope you will appreciate the value they have individually and collectively brought to what we all now refer to as “Naija Sound.”

There is something for everyone in the new issue of Clout Mag, from never before seen photography, carefully curated articles and striking interviews with some of your favourite artists. We are especially excited to shed more light on the men and women painstakingly introducing structure to the industry as they lead music distribution platforms, talent management, agencies, and record labels.

So Take a moment, unplug from the churn of the internet, and lose yourself in the new issue of Clout Mag; we promise you one hell of a ride. It’s currently available for download on the Clout Africa website,, and physical copies will be made available.


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