Bobrisky Exposed For Bragging About Buying iPhone 13

Bobrisky Exposed For Bragging About Buying iPhone 13

Controversial Nigerian Cross dresser Bobrisky has been busted for lying about buying iPhone 13 after he showed it off bragging about being the hottest girl in Nigeria and rich to purchase the latest model of iPhone.

Only a few celebrities have been able to purchase the latest iPhone and Bobrisky in his mind happens to be one of them but then our eyes have been cleared by one guy named Tosin who made us realized that Bobrisky lied to us all.

First of all, when Bobrisky bought his iPhone 12, he showed it to us all and the unboxing and everything to prove that he’s got iPhone 12 but with the iPhone 13, she only showed us the camera part and the wallpaper.

But unfortunately for him, he got busted by this Tosin guy who made us realized that Bobrisky has been lying to us because iPhone 13 doesn’t have the wallpaper she shared claiming to be his iPhone 13 and we all know iPhone 12 and 13 has the same model and some features are the same but the wallpaper differs.

These two things are what made Tosin and some of us conclude that Bobrisky lied about buying iPhone 13 as we all know she would have been killing us on the gram with some of the features that make photos look great but he hasn’t done any of that.

The Tosin guy then made fun of Bobrisky saying indeed she’s the biggest girl in Africa because she has been able to outsmart almost all of us with his claims of buying the latest iPhone when he has never even gotten the chance to see how it looks like.

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