Bobrisky Discloses Why She Never Gets Involved In Social Media Controversies

Bobrisky Discloses Why She Never Gets Involved In Social Media Controversies

Popular Nigerian Cross dresser Bobrisky has disclosed why she doesn’t bother herself to explain some perception and nothing people have about her but just allow them to keep talking.

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Bobrisky has made a lot of people believe she’s now a complete woman while others think he’s still a man but speaking in a recent interview, she said she won’t say she’s a complete woman and she still has some features of a man.

Talking about why she doesn’t address controversies surrounding her on social media, Bobrisky said because the controversies make her popular and trend on the internet therefore, the moment she addresses it, it will die off.

Reportedly he’s happy with being a cross dresser because he makes money out of it and no one can tell him that money doesn’t do everything because with him it’s everything as it played a very important role in his transition.

It is quite obvious why Bobrisky says some things about herself on the internet and allows her fans and netizens to be guessing whether it’s true or not since she doesn’t want her name to die off so easily like that.

But Bobrisky seems to have forgotten that naturally, her name will die off at some particular and that mother nature has her ways of turning tables around, unless something extraordinary happens, and even if she compares how she was all over the internet some time ago and now, she will realize that it’s no longer the same, time is not on our sides as life can happen within a second.


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