Bobrisky Brags About Asking Date Partners For Money

Bobrisky Brags About Asking Date Partners For Money

Controversial Nigerian Cross dresser Bobrisky has disclosed how he stylishly asks for money whenever he goes on a date with someone asking whether it’s right for him to do that on a date with another.

Bobrisky has been foaming big girl on social media claiming he’s the richest girl in Lagos and no one can beat him to that but today we get to know how he sometimes makes his money and it’s by stylishly begging people he goes on a date with.

Bobrisky posted asking that whether it’s right to tell his date partner that he needs to give him money to thank him for coming claiming because he’s not part of the broke girls that honor date invite at their own expense and he drives a 45M worth car.

Bobrisky then added that he will stylishly ask his date partner to give him money as thanks for coming because he doesn’t have time for any rubbish and driving 3 bad a$$ machines isn’t easy at all.

However Bobrisky gives us an insight into how he stylishly asks those who invite him on date money claiming it’s for thanks for coming when we all know that is something the person has to give to you from their heart and not ask for it.

Bobrisky is a cruise person hence not everything he says on the gram is taken seriously especially classifying himself as she when he’s still a man just to confuse some of his fans who believe he is now a woman.


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