Why you need to stop free access and monetize your body – Bobrisky schools women

Why you need to stop free access and monetize your body – Bobrisky schools women

Controversial crossdresser, Idris Okuneye Olanrewajualso known as Bobrisky has advised women to start monetizing their bodies to avoid being left heartbroken because of love.

The self acclaimed mummy of Lagos gave the advise in a video he posted on his Instagram page as he accused many men of being deceptive to just to win over.

He said men are a disappointment who will most likely leave a women with a broken heart.

Bobrisky urged women to make money off their ‘sugar gates’, because if they decided to continue giving men free access, they will never appreciate their worth.

The male Barbie said he does not understand why some ladies choose to suffer with a struggling guy instead of cashing out and enjoying luxury lifestyle.

The socialite further aid that there are women who are already monetizing their and men are buying them house, cars amongst other luxurious items.

In his words; ”So I’m here to talk to you guys about monetization of your sugar gate.

“Girls many of you need to start monetizing your sugar gate. Do you know why? Because you don’t want any type of broken heart, you don’t want any type of promise and fail. Some guys will lie to you they love you, and you are the only girl in their dream, meanwhile, they have so many other girls that they are talking to that you don’t even know. So what is now your gain in that relationship with him?

“Many of you girls suffer with a guy. I don’t know what you are suffering with him for. Excuse me, I’m not your mom, I’m your sister, I’m a babe treat me right. So many of you girls need to monetize it. Girls out there are trying to monetize it because guys are buying them houses, cars, luxuries stuff. So please from today on start monetizing your sugar gate”.


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