Angel, Boma Reconcile and More I BB Naija Reunion

Angel Boma BB Naija

Friends turned feuding housemates, Angel and Boma, are set to become cordial as they reconcile on the latest episode of the BB Naija Season 6, reunion show.

Angel Boma BB Naija

Angel and Boma of the Big Brother Naija Season 6, Shine Your Eye show, have set the tone for peacemaking as they reconcile on TV following the falling out they had in the house.

Their fallout had been addressed on the 3rd day of the reunion show following an unexpected and protracted back and forth between Nini and Arin who had long stopped being good friends. Ebuka had then brought up the infamous Angel and Boma fight which had ensued because the latter assumed Angel had outed him as a kiss and tell.

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Angel had narrated her side of things, mentioning that she and Boma had shared a kiss in the executive lounge and had watched Boma break the promise he made her make, by telling Pere about the kiss. Eventually, after proving her innocence and outlining how Boma had aggressively cursed her out, Boma had apologised and they’d both laughed it out.

Meanwhile former in-house besties, Nini and Arin were unable to iron out their issues which according to Nini stemmed from Arin leaving a word of encouragement on Cross’ page while he was up against Nini. Arin had shared that she felt Nini’s reason wasn’t logical enough and the two appear to be unable to reach a common ground.

Things also appear to be heating up nicely as Angel dropped a word bomb on Maria following their slut-shaming blowout where Maria refuses to apologise to Angel for calling her a slag and holding a bias against her flirtatious activity in the house. While going back and forth, Angel had made mention of Maria’s out-of-house scandal which revolves around her relationship with a married man and Maria had hit back by threatening to speak about Angel being badly behaved on their trip to Dubai.

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