“Zack Orji Wear Asoebi, No wonder dem dey always poison am for film” – Backlash As Actors Are Spotted At APC Primary

“Zack Orji Wear Asoebi, No wonder dem dey always poison am for film” – Backlash As Actors Are Spotted At APC Primary

Twitter was on fire last night, Tuesday June 7 when some Nollywood actors were spotted at the APC presidential primaries.

Popular actors like Zack Orji, Gentle Jack, Emma Ehumadu aka Labista, Andy chukwu, among others were seen on the podium at the event, waving the Nigerian flag as Timi Dakolo’s song, Great Nation was played.

Recall Timi Dakolo called out the ruling party for using his song at the event without his authorization.

This singular act by the actors has however garnered a lot of mixed reactions from tweeps who aren’t sure if these thespians were at the function as delegates, as supporters or simply as entertainers.

The reactions from tweeps, might not be unconnected to the fact that Nigerians are constantly complaining to the ruling party about the hardship, insecurity in the nation.

Some netizens believe the actors have every right to support whomever they choose, while others believe they showed support due to the monetary factor involved.

In all, these actors have received more backlash than praise from tweeps. See some reactions below:

@Victorlsrael wrote: Seeing Zack Orji waving his hands at #APCPrimaries makes me so angry. No wonder Liz Benson dey poison am everytime for film

@IAMRAASO wrote: Zack orji, gentle jack and the Co actors and actress what a disgrace all in the name of money u all sold ur birth right. shame on u

@BelaComNig wrote: All these twitter political activist wannabe dragging “Zack Orji” and his friends. Shaming people of their choice of party or candidate won’t win you the vote you need. Their voters card, their Choice

@daddykokoNjese wrote: Na hustle dem dey. 2023 go bring out the true colors of everyone

@Perculi30412129 wrote: They have been given the clothes and money that will last for 8 years

@McGladg wrote: With all the muscles gentle jack get. Na flag e take am carry

@Onabo4 wrote: Are they not Nigerians? Psquare support their candidate with full chest.

@AdamaMola wrote: That’s why them dey act rubbish

@albusee wrote: They have made their choice and went all out to show support. You pick a side and support them strongly.

@MilitaryBoy17 wrote: Poverty is too much in this country imagine this

@albusee wrote: They will always have support. It’s politics. Not all actors are there. Only those who believe in them. So its ok

@baGevann wrote: Birth right go far, they’ve hv collected their Great Gran Gran children join sef,yeye dey smell.

@BelaComNig wrote: They have a choice. I don’t think shaming people of their choice will win the vote you need

@nathanmpama wrote: Seeing Zack Orji on the podium and all other Nollywood guys shows that some of them don’t know what they’re doing. How much dem pay una self @ZackOrji and co

@Harry_Pekx wrote: Abulo Which kind Yeye path b dat So if someone is going on the wrong path u can’t ring d right path to him/her. So if Zack Orji is the ruler of ur village & he’s championing 4 Buhari in ur village you’ll give him a thumbs up? Receive sense in Jesus name biko

@AuntySabinus wrote: Zack Orji wear asheobi. What kind of embarrassment is this Abeg?

@SirDavidBent wrote: Zack Orji? I thought he became a pastor. It is now obvious who is bankrolling all these so-called Nollywood veterans. See how he was waving his hand like a clown. Get your PVC folks. Vote for Peter Obi!!!

@Cesck_Okechukwu wrote: I never knew Zack Orji, Gentle Jack, Labista, Uche Ogbodo are fools. We are now getting to know our enemies, the enemies of the future.


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