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Tyno-D – Thank God + Lyrics

OG  |     Oct 5, 2019  |     12   |     3460
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Tyno-D - Thank God
Tyno-D – Thank God + Lyrics

Tyno-D returns with a brand new single he dubbed “Thank God” as promised.

This is a follow up to his previous record “Oluwa Gozienumo” he released earlier this year.

The Softkillar Enter10ment frontline artiste on this new song shows his gratitude to God for the gift of life.

The mid-tempo reggae beat song was produced by Zahiem Beats and M&M by SochillBeats.

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tougha touch
De softkillar
i go by the name TYNO_D
DE bwoy 4rm de station{little by little}
yea yea
Bless I,me done know
yee yee
Gbum gbaka ya nhu

Anywhere i gooo….
everything i man doooo…
Everywhere and
anywhere i go
everything i man do
make we thank God ooo
make we praise amoooo
pon his blessings ooo
pon his graces ooo
i dey thank GOD OO.

From the very first day me born inside this wicked world
me ah give thanks and me ah give him praises.{2times}
for make i man 2 see the day ,
to make i man 2 see the night,
4rm january 2 December,
for make i too stronger.
may baba God bless my fans and bless all my enemies
for becoming my Remedies.

Be careful of all this fake people u call ur friends
Be careful of all of them dem wanna see ur down fall,
dem no wanna see raise,
dem no wanna see tall,
make you just believing JAH_JAH go make u BALL
Everywhere ya go JAH go protect you
everywhere ya go JAH LOVE circle,
be bold and proud even all Ur enemies assembly
them go go on their kneels come and celebrate U.

Remember drinks inna de crates
food inna de plates
shay mi don tell unu
no mattar watagwan ino JAH ALMIGHTY_INO mi fire kan cool
IS ah poor tin tu mash ANT YA KNOW
JUST keep believing when u wake up ina morning kneel down and pray
give him thanks pon de LIFE he give tu you
yaa yaa
bless ya know.

Till Fades…..


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  1. Anonymous - 2 years ago

    Long life yaa man jaah go dey bless u unuh.

  2. Felix - 2 years ago

    Lovely song only on Laoudit

  3. Ayobami - 2 years ago

    Yeah man Bob Marley kinda sound. Rastaman

  4. Young - 2 years ago

    Thanks for posting this Laoudit

  5. Anonymous - 2 years ago

    Thank God is a Jam… Big up Tyno D

  6. Anonymous - 2 years ago

    Nice song keep it up

  7. Anonymous - 2 years ago

    Nice…I love this

  8. Anonymous - 2 years ago

    Woo!my guy my guy u music make sense die,I swear I love it OK, keep it up dear

  9. Alfredbabs - 2 years ago

    Original rastabwoy keep the good vibes blazing.more energy pon you, Onelove✌

  10. Alfredbabs - 2 years ago

    Original rastabwoy keep the good vibes burning like a wild fire. More energy pon you. onelove✌

  11. Tyno-D - 2 years ago

    Comment:thank unu all let Jah Almighty bless unu fi dis one

  12. Pakings - 6 months ago

    Yah man with killing vibe I love this melody it give more spirituality rastabwoy Tyno D



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