Trouble in Paradise As Regina Daniels Co-Wife Laila Unfollows Her on IG

Trouble in Paradise As Regina Daniels Co-Wife Laila Unfollows Her on IG

Regina Daniels’s co-wife Laila Charani has unfollowed her on Instagram amidst her world tour birthday celebration and we are yet to find out the reason why she unfollowed her.

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Ned Nwoko, their husband flew Regina Daniels and her son to Isreal for a world tour as her birthday celebration and not have a party as she has been doing and that brought about the questions of whether she is his only wife since he hasn’t been posting his other wives.

Ned Nwoko replied to all the curious fans but after all that and the photos they took went viral, Laila Charani has unfollowed Regina Daniels on Instagram and we wonder what the problem could be since we know them to be too cool.

Regina Daniels and Laila Charani were like sisters as the latter took the former as her younger sister when she was married into the family and they lived so happily as a family per what we see online but there seems to be a problem we have no idea about.

Laila Charani unfollowing Regina Daniels who she’s so close to just doesn’t make sense and we wonder if it’s because of the replies Ned Nwoko gave when asked why he posts Regina Daniels a lot or there’s something more to it or could it even be a mistake.

We hope it turns out to be a mistake because the love and care we saw between Regina Daniels and her co-wife Laila Charani were more than siblings and we loved it and wish they return to being that and enjoy each other’s company.


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