Toyin Lawani appreciates nanny by doing the unexpected

Toyin Lawani appreciates nanny by doing the unexpected

Toyin Lawani, famous Nigerian celebrity stylist has left many tearing up over what she did for her daughter, Atinuke Leora’s nanny.

Toyin Lawani, who has left no stone unturned for her daughter’s 1st birthday, coming up on the 26th of August, 2022, rocked the internet with beautiful videos from her daughter’s ongoing birthday shoot.

She shared a video of her daughter sitting pretty for her birthday shoot while she allowed her daughter’s nanny to take over her spot.

Via her verified Instagram page, she penned an appreciation note to her daughter’s nanny, stating she is grateful for caring for her daughter despite having hers.

In an extensive Instagram post, the mother of three also recounted her horrible encounters with nannies. She claimed she does not leave her children without the supervision of a family member.

She wrote: Atimes we need to take a moment to appreciate our Good Nannie’s for all their efforts on our kids ,

I have had horrible Nannie’s,

I have had kind ones and I have also had God sents ,

but at the end of the day they all also have their own lives or kids they left behind to care for ours , which makes some of the good ones leave ontime ,

If you know me well , you will know I don’t leave my kids for any one , I carry them along , 247 , while working etc , except when I travel and I can’t take them , which I will rather send them to my family with their nanny,

I have trust issues , due to bad experience with Nannie’s,

Get a camera in your home at all cost ,

You will pick up a lot on terrible Nannie’s,

my kids are always around me ,

But yet it’s not easy being a nursing mom and working 247 ,

Atimes I have to work nights too ,

And you will need to create a routine that works for your kid , with a good nanny you will have less to worry about , the ones that don’t wait to be told what to do before they do it ,

Before your kids gets sick she would have picked up the sign, the ones who teach and correct them etc,

Supervise their home works when I can ,

Body checks etc ,

This is my ist time I won’t be able to be in my child’s shoot for her birthday shoot ,

Due to my condition,

So I’m like why not she do one with her nanny,

That’s like her mommy too na ,

My way of appreciating the woman ,

She’s got two kids aswell ,

It’s not easy leaving them to come to Lagos to care for another persons kid , they all also have struggles ,

When I took her with the 3nannies I took ,

I Almost told her I didn’t need her and I told her to leave. She cried and said she had no hope or anywhere to go , with time I realized she was actually best amongst them ,

A big thank you to all the wonderful Nannie’s all around the world , Godbless you all for all you do ,

Even if we pay you well , I still understand it’s not easy showing genuine love and care for another man’s kid like yours Well done


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