Timaya Arrested Over Alleged Hit And Run In Lekki [VIDEO]

Timaya Arrested Over Alleged Hit And Run In Lekki [VIDEO]

Popular Singer, Timaya has reportedly been at the aged after allegedly damaging a lady’s car in Lekki and driving off after he was being confronted.

According to reports, Timaya hit the lady’s car with his car and when he was being confronted by the lady, he drove off while the lady was still hanging onto his car as he drove off.

Well, a video trending on social media captures the moment Timaya was being picked up by the police for questioning.

According to the sibling of the affected lady, reports claimed the singer almost killed her sister in the Ikate area of Lagos State.

The lady who shared this news on her Instagram story is identified as whyte_26. She also alleged that the singer blocked her on Instagram after numerous efforts to contact him to do the ‘needful’ on her sister’s treatment.

She wrote: This celebrity and how they behave. @timaya nearly killed my sister this morning. She hit her with his car and run. At Ikate few hour ago, he hit my sister car and she came down to ask him to look what he did, this heartless human was asking for number and she told him he would block her, rather for @timayatimaya to do the needful.

He hit my sister with his car and ran away. She is at the hospital right now in serious pain and funniest part is me messaging him on Instagram to do the needful but this needless fellow blocked me after reading my message.F

Following the rejection, Timaya hit her with his car and fled off from the scene.

Omowunmi further revealed that her sister is in the hospital undergoing medical care though she is in pains.


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