Things to Consider When Filling for ‘Next Of Kin’ — Actress Iretiola Doyle reveals

Things to Consider When Filling for ‘Next Of Kin’ — Actress Iretiola Doyle reveals

Nollywood actress, Ireti Doyle has taken to the streets of micro-blogging platform, Twitter to school users of the platform what they should consider when considering filling for next of kin.

Ireti Doyle advised that when choosing a next of kin, one should not think about who will inherit your properties but who is the one person who you would want making life and death decisions on your behalf should you be unable to do it yourself.

Her tweet has generated mixed reactions from Instagram users who also shared their opinions about it and many maligned with her commentary.

Check out some reactions below;

Your next of kin is that person that will either tell the doctor to pull the plug on ur life support or tell the doctor to make sure you get up during emergency!

Na wetin she mean be that

rrh xx7

Of course. Plus make other arrangements too. Not just for death, also for unfortunate circumstances where you can’t make informed decisions even when alive. E.g. Dementia, when unconscious, etc.


I think she’s referring to the person assigned as ‘Power of Attorney’ in this context. Next of Kin, and Power of attorney are two different status, but both are necessities.


Very deep. Who will be calling the shots on my sweat. Before someone will ruin what you took ages to build with a single bad decision


Me that added my sister as next of kin she saw my acct balance and asked me to remove her name 😢😢😢


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