The Role of Women in the Society Can Never Be Overemphasized —Whitemoney

The Role of Women in the Society Can Never Be Overemphasized —Whitemoney

Reality TV star Hazel Oyeze Onou, better known as Whitemoney has bagged in lots of endorsement since he won.

Recently, he has been chosen as the African Women impact ambassador.

According to WHITEMONEY, it was “so insightful and exhilarating.”

He said in his tweet that “The role of a woman in the society can never be overemphasized and they deserve to be celebrated always.”

It’s now the Era when men stand for the rights of women and its a good thing too that we have such men who belive in this.

From what was implied in his tweet that read “Thanks to the geng that attended, I felt really good seeing you guys.”

It is known that other people whom were friends with him also graced the occasion.

Cheers to the women out there! And as White money said, they deserve to be celebrated always. Kudos to them men who also make it happen

In recent news Reality TV star, Queen Mercy Atang receives a warm welcome back to her hometown in Akwa Ibom for her homecoming party.

The reality who landed in the State with some fellow reality stars in the likes of Nini, Michael, Saga, and others were received by many fans who graced their arrival with music and cheers.

Even though the reality star and her crew arrived late, Queen’s homecoming party was well received by the fans who treated them to a lively party with drinks and customary music.


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