Tems – “Replay Lyrics”

Tems Replay Lyrics

“Replay” by Fast rising Afrobeat & Alte singer, Tems (Song + Lyrics).

Tems delivers another amazing tune with the title “Replay“, Listen and Check out song Lyrics below…

On this Tems expressing her thoughts on opinions and the types of energies she encountered, Its just her reiterating who she Is. The track is off her sophomore EP- ‘If Orange Was A Place‘.



Oh my voice is a mysteryBut they always tryna diss me

Same guys, try to get in my wayKeep the same vibe, you cant ruin in my day

Oh my voice is a mysteryRide the wave of my historyIve been distantTo keep my distance

Goodbye to a boring lifeI like to seek but Im never in sight

Even though Im the type to rideI like to care but e never reach fight

Swinging my waist like you never did seeAnd then I roll like I really get baked

And you cant believeWhat you heard me about me

Its the magic for meThey keep trying to reach me eee ee eIts the magic for meI make them weep till they run insane

So get me lit on a weekdayIm on the way and my ways on a displayAnd imma shut em all down one of these daysIts my timeSo Put it on a replay

Who this guy that they say they wan try meWho this guy and they say they wan play meWho dis guy that they say they wan breakWho is guy that they say they wan shake

All this time that they wan break yeahAll this time that them think they wan take yeahWho this guy that he say wan pie meWho this guy that he say he wan define me

Ive been round world nah nah nahAnd when they call, boy nah me they call

Back then whenI aint have no friendsAnd yah condescendBut I really wont rest see

Even though broI could let you goBut I really wan showThat you really cant test me

Even on days, when they tried to arrest meBut if you live a lie, theres no way you could get mePissed em off, they locked up in a celliThen e shock dem when they see me on the telli

You knowIm a vibe and I run it as usualI didnt only come around just to make itAnd I could shake rules but Ill break ityou name it boy

Who knewI wont care for the things that you doI could turn let everyone try meCuz you never gonna get what is for me


(Back then back then back then back )(Back then back then back then back )(Back then back then back then back )(Back then back then back then back )



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