‘Take Me As I am’ – BBN Tuoyo Dumps His Wig, Returns to His ‘Default’ Bald Look [VIDEO]

‘Take Me As I am’ – BBN Tuoyo Dumps His Wig, Returns to His ‘Default’ Bald Look [VIDEO]

Reality TV star Tuoyo Ideh has opted to reverting to his bald look just days after he bought an expensive wig.

The reality star had fixed his bald patch with a wig for males and we thought we had seen the end of it but he was not entirely comfortable with the wig on his head and thus, the marriage did not last.

According to the reality star, beauty is pain but he can no longer take the pain and he’s decided to go back to his default bald head.

Meanwhile ‘life of the party’, Cross who is simply known as Cross is currently on a sickbed, days after his Dubai trip

This came a few days after his return from the Dubai trip alongside other housemates, where they had memorable times.

Cross took to his Instagram story to share a photo of him receiving drip, stating that he has cancelled all his shows.

While making a jest of himself about being overwhelmed by pleasure, Cross noted that it had been years since he fell sick.

He wrote:

”No show tonight. Enjoyment don kill me, low key, it’s been years man went down you know. Inside life”


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