Sisi Oge writes open love letter to actress, Genevieve Nnaji

Sisi Oge writes open love letter to actress, Genevieve Nnaji

Theatre producer Ireti Bakare Yusuf popularly known as Sisi Oge has written an open letter to actress, Genevieve Nnaji.

Sisi Oge took to her Instagram page to gush over her beauty and her endowment.

She noted how she and many others love the actress and have her back.

“Dear Genevieve, I don’t know when you took this picture, but when I began searching for a Godd picture of you ( do you even take bad pictures?), I came across this.

I chose it out of the many stunning ones online for many reasons. I like that look on you. The fierceness of your chin, that cheeky come-to-me gaze in your eyes, those lips; they may be stern, but they betray an ever so slight smile. In fact, a lot of your pictures are like that.

Actually, I wonder, do you ever have a deep tears- including belly laugh? I bet you do. When you’re with those friends, the family, those who guard your trust, your well being, the space where the unsaid is a given, and every said is comforting. A place where your bloom is tendered with care, and our thorns snipped with love – HOME. Dear Genny – not quite – from – the – block, but still our Gen… This is just #LoveLetter to let you know that whatever it is, we love you & God’s got you”.


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