Shatta Wale Has Some Serious Words & Advice For Men | WATCH

Shatta Wale Has Some Serious Words & Advice For Men | WATCH

Ghanaian singer, Shatta Wale has shared a new video where he deals some serious words of advice to his fellow men on some life issues.

In this new video, Shatta Wale shares some advice with his fellow men, warning them about the necessity of passing through the trials of life. The video was shared via Youtube on Monday, the 17th of January 2022.

Shatta Wale

Shatta Wale was in the news recently after he had a verbal clash with Burna Boy online over his comments on Nigerian artists.

Burna Boy, on January 1, 2022, challenged the singer to a physical fight, threatening to break his teeth, and in response, Shatta Wale, who did not indicate if he was taking the boxing proposal or not, decided to create a thread on Twitter, stating certain information about Burna Boy.

Shatta Wale, in his Twitter rant, stated how he helped Burna Boy, among other claims.

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In this new video where Shatta Wale delivered his latest advice for men, he warned that life’s troubles were a necessity for every man. He warned his fellow men to quit complaining and find a way to make their money.



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