Rudeboy Opens Up In Fresh Interview, Reveals Why P-Square Split Up 5Years Ago

Rudeboy Opens Up In Fresh Interview, Reveals Why P-Square Split Up 5Years Ago

Nigerian singer Paul Okoye popularly known as Rudeboy has opened up on the cause of the breakup between the music duo P-Square years ago.

The separation of the two brothers Paul Okoye and Peter Okoye was one of the headaches for most Nigerians in the past years. A lot of industry players intervene in their settlement of disputes but all efforts were futile.

The real cause of the separation between the two brothers was not known. While some speculated that the cause of their separation was about music and money, others also pointed accusing fingers at the wives of both brothers for being behind the unending rift between the brothers.

After 5 years of separation, the twin brothers reconciled in November 2021; a move that shocked a lot of people.

In an interview with Media personality, Joey Akan, Rudeboy said, the spilt was something personal. It was a family issue and was not music-related, he said. He added that despite the anger fans showed, they decided to stay mute because it was a family issue they weren’t ready to bring into the public domain.

“I kept silent. I never said anything. I never said anything, because I knew what the problem was. It was a family issue, and it turned out that P-Square had to pay for it. P-Square was just the sacrifice”, he said.

“It was a family issue. It had nothing to do with music. And because I respect family so much, I owenobody any explanation”, Rudeboy concluded.


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