Rihanna & ASAP Rocky’s Rumoured Break-up "Untrue" | SEE DETAILS

Rihanna ASAP Rocky Split Break-up

The viral news about the Rihanna and ASAP Rocky’s rumoured split has been claimed to be untrue.

The viral news that circulated about the Rihanna and ASAP Rocky split has been debunked to be untrue by the media outfit TMZ.

According to TMZ a source that interacts with the couple has claimed that the allegations of the split as well as ASAP Rocky’s infidelity are both untrue.

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TMZ stated:

Our source first said, “100% false on both counts,” and then added, “1 million percent not true. They’re fine.” Worth noting that yesterday — as the rumor was bubbling up — Amina reposted recent pics of Rihanna out and about in West Hollywood. That would have been an odd move if she really were cheating with A$AP.


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