Pidgin Ought to Be Made Our Lingua Franca, as It’s Our Heritage- 2face Idibia Clamors

Pidgin Ought to Be Made Our Lingua Franca, as It’s Our Heritage- 2face Idibia Clamors

Legendary musician 2face Idibia is clamoring for the legalization and normalization of Pidgin language as an official lingua franca of Nigeria, as he experiences the beauty of pidgin English

The popular singer made this known via his verified Twitter page where he urged linguistics professors in the country to come together and make the pidgin language an official language.

The legendary singer and father of 7 posits that pidgin is well understood by majority of Nigerians regardless of their region or tribe.

He wrote; “Make we package this Pidgin English tin o. Where are all the linguistics Profs at? Na the only one wey all of us sabi be that o”

Reacting to the tweet, Veector wrote; “Baba you no be lie oo, as a big fan, imagine say any 9ja presidio dey address the nation with fluent pidgin or our skools dey educate the greater masses with dem, dey familiar with. Imo the understanding for the akada go max up and the agenda go clear wella”

Another fan wrote; “Pidgin English should be our first language and taught in schools that will blur the tribal lines in this country were we first see ourselves as Nigerians first rather than Igbo, Hausa, Yoruba. English language should be taught with our native languages, English shouldn’t be a priority, it’s not in France neither is it in Russia or China where each of these countries first speak and address the rest of the world with their official language hence the need for interpreters.”

Pidgin is Nigeria’s second lingua franca and majorly the main street language, pidgin is a mixture of English and local languages which enables people who do not share a common language to communicate.

However Pidgin is one major language majorly spoken in all thirty-six states of the country and in some West African countries like Ghana and Cameroon, pidgin is the primary language used in communication amongst Nigerian, legalizing pidgin will aid and definitely go a long way in national integration.


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