Peju Johnson in Shock after Being Robbed At Gunpoint in Lagos Traffic [VIDEO]

Peju Johnson in Shock after Being Robbed At Gunpoint in Lagos Traffic [VIDEO]

Nollywood actress, Peju Johnson has shared the horrifying ordeal she went through after encountering armed robbers for the first time in his life.

Peju Johnson revealed on her Instagram page on Saturday, September 18, that she was robbed at gunpoint I traffic around Alaba coming from location.

She disclosed that the armed robbers stabbed her driver and took their phones and she is still in a state of shock even after the experience and urged her fans to pray for her.

However, she made an interesting revelation as she wondered how the hoodlum did not see her under the seat and it is still a miracle to him and asked how she can stop serving God.

Swipe to see the video showing her driver who was stabbed on his shoulder and her smashed car.

Here is how some Nigerians reacted to the news on Instagram.

Sorry about that but next time please not only you u people should know by now that Lagos it’s not safe specially at night so it’s better to sleep in any hotel around for safety purpose


Okpè o…Happy to hear y’all okay. God will keep n perfect your matter. Happy sunday


Sorry about that Peju. Insecurity in this country is top notch. Yet leaders are concerned by irrelevances. Smh


Didn’t see you under the seat but you said they took your phones🤔

Thank God for your life still


So the driver that got stabbed is not “serving a living God”? Lol

Aunty tell your story and move biko


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