Oxlade Speaks On Getting Co-signed By Drake

Drake Oxlade

The stars continue to align in Oxlade’s favour to make him the star he’s meant to be as the singer shares his sentiments on the moment Drake recognised him. Read the full story below.

Drake OxladeOxlade-Drake

Nigerian singer and fast-rising global act, Oxlade has opened up about the moment Drake recognised and acknowledged his artistry, ergo co-signed him and shared his sentiments on the moment.

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Speaking with a media personality on British radio network, Capital Xtra, Oxlade spoke about the moment Drake posted him during the Covid-19 Pandemic and how it had helped reaffirm him passion for music. Oxlade said; Having seen Drake post that, just made me understand, it’s still your time”. According to Oxlade, the pandemic had affected the rollout for his Away single and he’d felt dejected but for him, that was one of the distinctive God-ordained moments that helped him to stop second-guessing himself.

This moment in reference had happened way back in November 2020, Drake had posted a screenshot of Oxlade’s Away playing on his on Apple Music on Instagram Stories and Oxlade himself later shared that he’d gained 3 million streams off that singular action. Away was the lead single of Oxlade’s debut EP, Oxygene which was released in March 2020.

Oxlade also shared extensively with Laoudit on how trying the pandemic had been for him and his then new project and how his grandma had spoken encouraging words to him.

Watch Oxlade speak about his Drake co-sign here


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