“Officially a Teenager” – Obi Cubana Celebrates Son, Alex as He Clocks 13

“Officially a Teenager” – Obi Cubana Celebrates Son, Alex as He Clocks 13

Celebrity businessman, Obi Cubana celebrates the 13th birthday of his son, Alex, whom he showered with sweet words.

The CEO of Cubana groups took to his Instagram page to share birthday photo shoots of his dear son while emphasizing how proud he has made him.

“Officially a teenager!

My dear son Alex, today you have joined the league of teenage big boy!

I thank God for the journey so far.

You have made me and mummy proud with your leadership qualities and compassionate tendencies towards people around you.

In this journey of life, always remember the son of who you are!

The God we serve will always direct and preserve you, for your role in human existence!

I love you son, I love you Alex!

Happy 13th birthday Nwa m!!🙂❤️🙂🙂,” he wrote.

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