“Nobody Signed Me, I Signed Myself” – Zazu Zeh Star, Portable [VIDEO]

“Nobody Signed Me, I Signed Myself” – Zazu Zeh Star, Portable [VIDEO]

Up and coming Nigerian singer, Habeeb Okikiola, popularly known as Portable, has declared that nobody signed him but he signed himself.

He disclosed this after a few days he settled with his manager, Kogbagidi, after their fallout regarding money and contracts

In recent a viral video, Portable accused his Boss of ripping him as he queried his manager concerning money, car ownership, and contract.

Kogbagidi said, “Do you know how much I have invested in you?”. Portable responded, saying “I gave you $500 and N500,000 two times. You’ve ripped me. You know you’re a ripper.”

Meanwhile this would be the second time Portable and his promoter would fight over money-related issues.

In a new video sighted online, Portable declared that he signed himself into the music industry, adding that nobody signed him.


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