Nigerians reacts as lady makes shocking revelations about Kizz Daniel

Nigerians reacts as lady makes shocking revelations about Kizz Daniel

Mixed reactions have continued to trail the embarrassing moment Kizz Daniel was asked for a refund during a live concert after he turned up late for the event.

Reports and videos making waves online alleged that the singer arrived late for the event and asked the DJ to play his song for thirty minutes instead of singing.

Recall that Kizz Daniel’s fans were infuriated with his non-challance attitude while they booed him off the stage during his performance seeking a refund.

The video captured when the fans were howling, asking for a refund after over five hours of delay.

However new post that emerged online by a controversial tweeter identified as AfroVII claimed that Kizz Daniel is a lazy performer who doesn’t care about his fans’ pleasure.

The writer slammed the singer for his actions stating he has been like that since his second single became a hit. However, he praised Kizz Daniel’s singing and composing talents.

“Man’s a lazy AF performer. He can sing, he can write but don’t pay to see Kizz Daniel, Don’t.

He doesn’t care if you have a good time or not. Hes been like that since his second single blew.

You have been warned. Do. Not. Pay. To. See. Kizz Daniel. I don’t condone fraud.”

The video has captured the attention of netizens who confirmed Kizz Daniel’s behaviour over the night. Some testified that he had been like that since higher institution.

stevejoe4realy: It’s the truth I thought I was the only one that noticed that , pride self follow for him matter

ivannas_trunkofficial: After him go Dey cry say him Dey under rated LMAOOOO small fame u no fit behave properly

Olatunde Glasses: Same thing played out in Glasgow …he only performed form 39 mins … and left the stage …after we had waited since 7pm till 11:15 that he came on stage .

goldylocks_vivian_palomino_: Dammmnnnnn word of mouth is powerful.

osahonplux: It’s how people thinks their opinion matters in other people’s decisions for me

Fucking true: Baba show us fire back then in Babcock


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