Nigerian singer, General Pype, reveals what’s it like working on Black Panther(video)

Olayiwola Ibrahim Majekodunmi, better known as General Pype, a Nigerian reggae artiste, has revealed that he worked on the set of Hollywood blockbuster film, Black Panther.

In a chat with Jahbless on his Original Intelligence Podcast, he made the revelation during a chat with noting that he was on the set as a designer for 15 months.

Further, he also spoke on why decided to go into dancehall and reggae music, the singer said that he loved it because it was a sound of rebellion.

General Pype, said that the genre was birthed by black slaves who rebelled against their white slave masters.

He made comparison between the Nigerian society and American society while noting that there are similarities but the foreign media paints a picture of them being more advanced.

The Champion crooner said that it was as he was on the set of Black Panther as a set designer that he saw some things that marveled him.

He was also a set designer for other Hollywood movies like Samaritan and Guardians of the Galaxy.

Watch the interview below:

Meanwhile in another news, Nigerian comedian and actor Debo Adedayo, popularly known as Mr Macaroni, has opened up on whether he would run for any political seat.

Mr Macaroni, who is also a human rights activist, said that at the moment he has no intention of joining politics or running for office.

The content creator made this known in a recent interview while recalling his ordeal at the hands of police officers after that he was arrested in February 2021 during the #OccupyLekkiTollGate protest which was to forestall the planned reopening of the toll plaza in Lagos.

After the #EndSARS protest in October 2020, the Lekki toll gate was closed down as a result of the shooting of peaceful protesters that converged at the location.

According to Macaroni, after he was arrested together with other demonstrators, police took him to the station and stripped them of every clothe they wore.

He explained how the security agents beat him mercilessly, in a bid to ‘teach him a lesson’ for challenging the status quo.

The content creator said the experience made him angrier and it emboldened him to challenge persons in power, including the governor.

Mr Macaroni further said that while he was in the situation, the police berated him for offending the state governor, Babajide Sanwo-Olu.

He said that because of their threat and mention of the governor, he felt the officers had the Lagos governor’s backing to treat him that way.

He, however, mentioned the role his mum plays in trying to make him ease up on his activism. He also said that he felt sad about the nation after experiencing such inhuman treatment, but he came out stronger from that ordeal.

The actor said there is a difference between his character, Mr Macaroni and him as Debo, is because that is the type of person.

He explained further that if he ever sees someone being treated unjustly, he would stand up to the oppressors.


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