“Never engage Obasanjo in a bet, all his predictions come to reality” – Comedian Alibaba reveals (Video)

“Never engage Obasanjo in a bet, all his predictions come to reality” – Comedian Alibaba reveals (Video)

Atunyota Alleluya Akpobome better known as Ali Baba, stand-up comedian has recounted his memorable encounter with the former president of Nigeria, Olusegun Obasanjo.

He recounted on the days when Obasanjo would predict something would happen, and it would.

He remembered how Obasanjo foresaw that a person who once said something bad about him would ask him for a favour.

According to Alibaba, people close to him wanted him to permit them to attack the ‘said someone who spilt negative things about him.

However, Obasanjo kicked against it and warned them never to respond or bring it up.

He added that the person would someday ask for his favour, and it came to pass.

“Sometimes, I look back to time spent with this elder-states man, Baba Obasanjo. And I marvel at how well he reads the Nigerian Polity.

These days when these things he had said would happen happen, I call him and say “Baba you said this will happen”.

Thank God I don’t bet. I would be lost plenty bets.

Few years back, someone said something about him. And some of his closest people came to meet him in Abeokuta, and they were very angry. They’ve said they wanted to respond to the person. Baba refused and warned them never to respond or bring it up.

He them added, “That person that said what you are hitting your head on the wall for, will still walk through this my door in the nearest future to ask a favour. Jekon ma sankan to hun wan”

And it came to pass.

As usual, I called Baba to greet him and after many catching up, I mentioned the day that he said that the person who said that thing, that his Old Boys were very upset about, would come and seek his support for something.

He also said….never mind. When it happens I will update you guys again”.

Recall that Ali Baba had exposed Nollywood actresses over their means of income.

This came after kidnappers snatched away two veteran Nollywood stars and demanded $100k. However, they were later released after they paid a lesser ransom.

In a video released on IG, Ali Baba attacked actresses over their means of livelihood, asking them how many movies they have acted for them to be able to afford a millionaire house.

To buttress his point, the comedian who said he was tempted to mention names cited an example of an actress he met in Dubai who was sponsored to lounge in Dubai and later came online to make it seem like she paid for the hotel expenses.

However, Ali Baba had clarified his attack on them.

Setting the records straight, Ali Baba stated that the video was made a year older when Obi Cubana threw a lavish burial ceremony for his mother.

He revealed that he was on set when his phones started buzzing, and it was revealed to him that a video he made a year ago was trending.

Ali Baba stated that the video was posted to speak to the hypocrisy that followed the girls that went to Oba for Obi Cubana’s mother’s burial.

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