My wedding ring was stolen, please beg my husband – Toyin Lawani

My wedding ring was stolen, please beg my husband – Toyin Lawani

Toyin Lawani, popular celebrity stylist, is no longer spotting her wedding ring no thanks to a thief who made away with it.

The fashion designer took to her Instagram to announce that the diamond jewelry had been stolen.

Lawani asked folks to help her beg her husband over her carelessness that resulted in the expensive jewelry being stolen.

She added that her photographer husband, Segun Adebayo aka Segun Wealth was pissed because he used all of his cash at that time to pay for the ring.

Toyin Lawani of Tiannahplacempire, fashion designer and well known celebrity stylist, has further revealed reasons she married her photographer, Segun Wealth.

The celebity  stylist via her Instagram page stated that although she’s a materialistic kind of woman but she prefers love to other things of the world.

Toyin Lawani shared a video that emphasized on the importance of loving someone who will take of one’s soul and body, she captioned it: “Yes I’m a material girl And I’m willing to work for it ,

but I don’t put it first when choosing a life partner, worry about who wants to see you win, Not the people that what you to conform into what they want ,you can’t see this much talent and want it to just sit in a house and serve you , My dreams matters , your dream matters, Having kids, Having a husband shouldn’t stop them either, You can choose all this and stil choose you, Remember anyone who truly loves you won’t want to change you . They will push you till you achieve your dreams even if it’s not convenient for them . The partner you choice will determine your success. Note that down. Glad I chose you @segun_wealth ❤️❤️❤️ .”


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