Moments fans rushed to kiss Wizkid’s hand when he hit the street (video)

Moments fans rushed to kiss Wizkid’s hand when he hit the street (video)

Ayodeji ”Wizkid” Balogun, Nigerian music star, is hardly seen in public except when he is at events or traveling with his baby mama, Jada Pollock and son, Zion.

In a video making the rounds online, he was sitting inside a car when he started greeting a group of people who stood at a distance.

It was gathered that he visited the venue for his Starboy Fest while the workers were setting up the place and doing sound check.

But the artiste recently made an exception for some of his fans when he stormed the streets to interact with them.

They initially did not know it was Wizkid, but on realising who was inside the car they rushed towards him.

He asked how they were doing and stretched out his hand to shake some of them, but they rushed his hand with aggression as some could be seen trying to kiss it.

Others wanted to grab onto his hand and not let go, but a security man intervened and prevented the brief meet-and-greet from ending disastrously. They were screaming different variations of his name from Wizkid, to Wizzzy, Machala and Starboy.

When he felt like he had done enough, he asked the driver to zoom off as he wound up the car window.

Watch the video below:


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