Moments Don Jazzy Met Mimi Orjiekwe’s Adorable Daughter (VIDEO)

Moments Don Jazzy Met Mimi Orjiekwe’s Adorable Daughter (VIDEO)

Popular singer and Mavin Records boss Don Jazzy has made the day of the little angel of actress Mimi Orjiekwe after meeting her with her mother and Pretty Mike of Lagos putting them in the awwww moment.

Mimi Orjiekwe shared a video of her daughter and Don Jazzy together and Pretty Mike was heard shouting awwwww the moment the young girl gave Don Jazzy a kiss of his chick even though she was quite shy.

Don Jazzy seems to love kids like the way he was so gentle with the daughter of Mimi Orjiekwe says it all and he seems to be very happy to meet her and also tried to make her feel comfortable around him as they do their own thing.

Though the video was nice and put most people in the wowing and awwning moment, a bowl of fried rice that flashed by was what some others were interested in and wished they had some to eat since it looks delicious.

The food is either for Don Jazzy or Pretty Mike or the person holding it but none of them was seen eating the food as they were all busy trying to take photos and videos of Don Jazzy and the little girl who look so good together as father and daughter.


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