Mercy Aigbe assists older housewives to cook in her husband’s home (video)

Mercy Aigbe assists older housewives to cook in her husband’s home (video)

After being heavily backlashed online for not joining the older housewives in her husband’s hometown in the Ileya cooking weeks ago, actress Mercy Aigbe has now shared a throwback video of herself actually making Amala with them.

Recall that the beautiful Nollywood actress and billionaire wife, Mercy Aigbe, sparked reactions from netizens after she went live on Instagram while the older housewives cooked in her husband’s family home in July for the Ileya celebration.

A video shared by a controversial blog captured Mercy Aigbe on a live video session, showing how Sallah was being celebrated in her husband’s family home.

Sharing the video online, Gist Lover called out Mercy Aigbe’s ‘lazy’ attitude toward the senior wives and asked her to fetch firewood for cooking.

“Mercy iyawo ile oni live video Oya osiso, go pack firewood, you can’t be maintaining beauty for where them your Iya oko dey ooo, if Na another wife now those Iya oko isonu go Dey shout like who dog bite Mercy go pack firewood ooooo. I come in peace” Gist lover wrote on Instagram.

Now responding on Instagram, Mercy Aigbe has shared a video of herself cooking with the elderly housewives. In the video, the housewives are heard hailing Mercy for being humble enough to join them in the cooking despite her celebrity status.

She wrote “TBT …Since it’s Thursday! Let’s do a throwback to Ileya in Oro with awon iyawo iles….One fact y’all don’t know is that I am a very good cook! So feel free to add MERCY OLOWOSIBI to my name. if you are not Yoruba ask your Yoruba friend to translate)


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