Market Women & Men Close Their Shops to Watch Bobrisky [Video]

Market Women & Men Close Their Shops to Watch Bobrisky [Video]

Controversial Nigerian crossdresser and philanthropist Bobrisky was mobbed by market men and women when she visited the market.

Bobrisky is one of the most popular Nigeria celebrities who is spotted from afar. Bobrisky has spread his fame widely in Nigeria and even outside Nigeria. In a new video sighted, he was seen in the market with a lot of people glancing and wanting to catch her attention.

The video shared on the snap story of Bobrisky, it was seen how hundreds of market men and women including buyers all stopped their activities and gathered in front of the shop where Bobrisky came to buy from.

In the video, the crowd was heard screaming his name Bobrisky while they gather in front of the cloth shop she came to buy from. Some of his team members tried to send away the gathered crowd who had literally blocked the road just to have a glance at him.

Bobrisky took to his Snapchat story and shared the video and stated how shocked he was at the number of people who halted their activities to watch him. He stated that he did not want fame again.


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