Lilian Afegbai Reveals Why She’s Yet To Get Married

Lilian Afegbai Reveals Why She’s Yet To Get Married

Celebrity on-screen diva and former Big Brother Africa star, Lilian Afegbai has opened up on why she remains unmarried in a recent interview with Saturday Beats.

She revealed that she once battled with body insecurity, no thanks to her knock knees. Afegbai said,

I also have flaws but I have learnt to live with my flaws. We are not all perfect. Everyone has something they don’t like in their body but you would get to a point where you would appreciate what God has given you.

 I used to be very insecure about my knock knees that I could not wear shorts. You can never catch me with bum shorts because I used to think that my legs are not very straight.

But as I grew older, I got to know that I have nothing to be ashamed of.

Speaking about marriage, the beautiful actress revealed that she develops cold feet about marriage sometimes

Afegbai said, “Naturally, I have a fear of marriage. My cold feet have nothing to do with the Internet. I am now learning to draw close to God.

 I have the mentality that as a Christian, I will enjoy the good of everything. It means that if I get married, by God’s grace, my marriage will work out.

 But it still does not mean I do not have cold feet. I am at the point where I leave everything to God. I love family, I love kids, I want an amazing husband. But at the end of the day, I want what God wants for me.

“I have my cold feet because of the generation we are in now. This generation does not take marriage seriously as before.

We don’t understand what marriage is. So, it takes the grace of God to get there. Any little marriage issue this generation wants a divorce but it is only normal to have issues in marriage.


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