Lady In Pink – Mercy Johnson Celebrates Her 38th Birthday in Style [photo]

Lady In Pink – Mercy Johnson Celebrates Her 38th Birthday in Style [photo]

Popular Nollywood actress Mercy Johnson Okojie is celebrating her 38 today, August 28th in style.

The mother of four has shared stunning photos of her in a pink dress and pink head tie.

Expressing her gratitude to God, she noted how he has been so good to her.

“Birthday girl. Don’t worry, a thankful prayer to God on my behalf is fine…. Hmmm God has done me well…. Thank you Lord….”.

Her birthday is coming two days after she celebrated her anniversary.

Lady In Pink - Mercy Johnson Celebrates Her 38th Birthday in Style [photo]

on August 26th,  Mercy Johnson marked the 11th anniversary of her marriage to politician husband, Prince Odi Okojie.

Celebrating the anniversary of a family shoot involving their four beautiful kids, Mercy Johnson praised her husband for keeping her vow of never letting go of her hands.

“Chapter 11…[email protected] held my hands and promised never to let it go….we still fresh like yesterday…Thank you lord #mytradanniversaryday26thaug” Mercy Johnson wrote on Instagram.

Her husband, Prince Okojie wrote “TODAY,,, 11 YEARS AGO!!!! This can only be God. Thanking God for his Mercies, Provisions and Protections. HAPPY TRADITIONAL MARRIAGE ANNIVERSARY TO US. 26th, 27th & 28th if you know you know. Watch this space…[email protected] i gat you FOREVER”.

The beautiful photos warmed the hearts of many of her fans and colleagues on social media, sparking admiration and prayers for them.

Mercy Johnson Okojie, still in her 11th wedding anniversary mood, shared a vital secret about her marriage.

The mum of four made a lifetime commitment to her husband, Prince Odi Okojie, as they celebrated their 11th wedding anniversary.

She stated that she could ask for nothing more from him.

Describing the Edo politician as her friend & partner, gossip gee and quarrel paddy, she affirmed her love for him.

Mercy Johnson revealed that she never makes any move without his permission and blessings.

“You have done me well Lord…. I could ask for nothing more. @princeodiokojie, My friend and partner. My gossip gee and quarrelling paddy. I have never moved without your permission and blessings. Words alone can’t praise you my Love…. God bless you babe…. Love you today and always…. Cheers to another chapter”.


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