Johnny Drille Reveals 5 Top Charting Songs He Mixed And Mastered

Johnny Drille

Talented singer Johnny Drille opened up on 5 of the top charting songs from Nigerian artists he mixed and mastered.

Nothing prepared fans for the shocking revelation made by talented singer Johnny Drille on the five top charting and record-breaking songs he had, in fact, mixed and mastered.

The singer, who has been spreading the energy of positivity with his latest song titled ‘My Friend’ stunned fans when he revealed that he had actually mixed and mastered hit songs like ‘Bloody Samaritan,’ ‘Rush,’ ‘Overdose,’ ‘Ijo Laba Laba’ and ‘Big Energy.’

Johnny goes on to add that there are other songs that were not mentioned that had been mixed and mastered by him over the course of time in his illustrious career.



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