Jide Kosoko Drums Support For Daughter After Being Bullied For Being Talentless

Jide Kosoko Drums Support For Daughter After Being Bullied For Being Talentless

Veteran Nigerian Actor Jide Kosoko has thrown his weight behind his daughter Temi after she was bullied for being talentless asking her never to mind those saying that because she’s doing great.

Temi Kosoko is an actress and joining Simi’s NobodyLikeWoman trend disclosed how she has been mocked for being talentless and only enjoying her father’s grace which is why she became an actress in the first place and not because of her talent.

Her father Jide Kosoko reacting to that assured his daughter of doing great just the ways she’s asking her not to mind those claiming she’s talentless as she can never rule out criticisms in this life.

He then encouraged her asking her to let the criticisms be her strength and not to see those who criticize her as enemies because they exist to make her stronger and so far she’s doing great making him proud of her.

Nigerian reality star, Ifu Ennada, is faced with backlash following a motivational story she told on how her father helped a stranded fellow with the family’s feeding money.

Ifu had taken to her Instastory to pen a story that empathizes the need to have a kind heart even if it takes spending the last kobo in one’s pocket.

“The Truth…

It’s not the person that has the most money that gives, but the person that has a Kind Heart. One time the entire pp money my family had was ( 100 naira and we were 11•, contemplating buying Garri with it.

A schoolmate who was hungry and stranded came along to my house to ask for money to head back home and my father gave him the only 100 naira we had.

 To him, getting that young boy home was more important than the Garri we wanted to buy and drink,” she narrated.


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