Iyke Slams those criticizing him over Steamy Scene with Nikki Samonas

Iyke Those Criticizing Him Over Steamy Scene with Nikki Samonas

Nigerian Actor Jim Iyke has slammed those criticizing Nikki Samonas and him over a steamy scene that went viral saying nothing happened between them as it was just a role.

Jim Iyke in an interview on Angel FM disclosed that a steamy scene made him hard onset and almost everyone’s attention was drawn to a steamy scene between him and Nikki Samonas and even though she has claimed they aren’t friends, people were still talking.

Jim Iyke reacting to the criticisms slammed those talking saying nothing happened between him and Nikki Samonas as it was just a role she executed perfectly and even after the whole scene, they never saw each other again when she returned to Ghana.

According to Jim Iyke, he had played a steamy role with Nikki Samonas before in a different movie hence he realized she was the perfect person for that particular role when all the popular actresses were saying their partners won’t like it if they do that.

Jim Iyke then went hard on Ghanaians saying if they do steamy scenes they complain about it and when they don’t they also complain about it hence what they expect them to do when acting in movies now.

Jim Iyke then asked those criticizing Nikki Samonas to put an end to it because he believes she’s in a very happy relationship right now and won’t want some steamy scene that they did in the past to ruin her relationship.

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