“I’m Still Vibing, Brainless Talk” – Judy Austin, Yul Edochie’s Second Wife Responds to Comment on Disrespecting Yul Edochie’s Parents

Judy Austin-Edochie, Actress and second wife of Nollywood Actor Yul Edochie, has fired back at a troll over comment about her co-wife, May Edochie and husband’s family.

Judy thrust into the limelight when her colleague-turned-husband, Yul Edochie, formally introduced her to the world as his second wife.

Since Yul dropped the bombshell on Instagram, the voluptuous actress has had to contend with online trolls who have thronged her page and cursed her out.

Just recently, Taking to her Instagram page, Judy shared a cryptic post about making up one’s mind and not caring what people think after Yul re-followed May Edochie on Instagram.

However, reacting to her post, a troll penned a lengthy note to Judy Austin, on the need to stay quiet on social media  after snatching Yul from his first wife.

According to the troll, Judy has constantly tarnished the glorified image of her husband’s parents, Pete and Josephine Edochie, by always appearing on headlines for the wrong reasons.

Parts of troll’s comment reads;

“U re obviously frustrated…come to think of it, u snatch some ones hubby right ?fine ..he made u his second wife ,why not respect the family and remain quiet ?do u even respect him at all ?do u have respect for his parents ?that fam is more like a royal fam

For God sake no body admire u, not even ppl hailing u, they actually talk shit behind u cos u deserve it, u didint achieve anything by being yul’s wife..his just there…u re still managing ,so stop making noise mk we see reasonable ppl pls.ODE.”

In response, Just Austin clapped back and wrote;

“Brainless talk…I’m still vibing”


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