‘I Love Pythons So Much, We Are Family’ – Chika Lann [Video]

‘I Love Pythons So Much, We Are Family’ – Chika Lann [Video]

Chika Lann who became an internet sensation with her awkward claim that her hair style- a crown of threaded hair- costs N40m, the ex-model Chika Lann has revealed in a video that she has an affiliation with Pythons.

In the video, the snake had its head upside down behind Lann, while she can be seen dancing to indigenous music in the background with the pythons.

Taking to her Instagram page, she wrote,

“I love Pythons so much. They are my ancient family. I can’t wait to adopt one soon.”

Below are some reactions

 @tooshup wrote, “A Kardashian buys a pet Python” – Nigerians – ‘wow she’s eccentric and a billionaire, na so them dey do’. A fellow Nigeria does the same thing and it must be juju, rituals or Mami water. Emancipate yourself from mental slavery.”

@therapist_roundtable, “Anything for attention these days”.

@vanessah_xo_, “This na ogbanje…and claiming it with her full chest”.

@lucci_okoye, “This is a baby python. Carry the mother first I want to check something.”

@ebkollectionz, “These are the issues. Everything is legal now even juju wahalaaaaaaaa we moveee it’s social medium now

Watch video below..


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