“Hunger Ambassador!! I just say make I help you small”- Nkechi Blessing hits back at ex, Opeyemi Falegan

“Hunger Ambassador!! I just say make I help you small”- Nkechi Blessing hits back at ex, Opeyemi Falegan

Since their break up this year, Nkechi Blessing and Falegan have become sworn enemies always lashing out at each other.

The ex lovebirds have been washing their dirty linen in public.

Nkechi and Opeyemi had reignited their war following Nkechi’s latest interview.

Nkechi Blessing had opened up on her failed relationship with Falegan in an interview with TVC ‘Your Views’ hosts.

Nkechi revealed that she dated her ex, Opeyemi Falegan in a bid to spite her American ex, Mike Adeyemi.

According to her, when she broke up with Mike Adeyemi, they were trying to patch things up when he started flaunting another girl on his social media pages.

Hitting back at him, Nkechi got into a relationship with another, which became worse.

She said,

“I wanted to keep it for my YouTube channel but lemme break it down. I recently broke out with my ex who lives in America. In the heat of our break up, we were still trying to fix things when he posted a photo of a lady covering her face. I realize there his a man asking me out. So it was me trying to get back at my ex and then we fell into a relationship, a rebound.

Reacting to it, Opeyemi blasted her for being obsessed with him.

He stated it is dysfunctional for her to keep attaching her name to his.

Urging her fans to give her content, he stated that she sounds really empty.

“This girl will never stop mentioning my name kilodeeeee? Once I have a reason to go, I will never find an excuse to come back. U no get content again?

Attaching my name to yours is dysfunctional, just stop mentioning my name abeg, someone should pls give her contents, she sounds really empty now”.

Not letting his words slide, Nkechi took to her stories to filthy drag him.

She corrected him that she broke up with him and not the other way round.

She reminded him how she left him stagnant and how she was only helping him to boost his profile.

Nkechi noted how she only used him as a reference to ladies so they wouldn’t follow her footsteps.

“Lmooo… Oga will get small relevancy now enjoy!!!!!

Mr man I left and you were stagnant… I just say make I help you small cus after all what are old friends for Ashiere!!!

Left where is it not clear who left who Oponu….hunger Ambassador!!

I only used you as a reference so ladies out there won’t make the mistake I made, so top feeling important bros..1 to 10 you are nowhere close…weyre!!!!

By now you suppose dine leave that Rat hole you dey stay na come make I dash you one plot atleast you fit become landlord… Ashiere!!!

A lot of you were not born with love, so I understand if love don’t find you easily…emi Valentino Ife Gan Gan”.


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