‘Guys Wey No Dey Social Media Dey Cheat Pass’ –Unlimited LA Sparks Debate

‘Guys Wey No Dey Social Media Dey Cheat Pass’ –Unlimited LA Sparks Debate

Unlimted LA

Celebrity Nigerian music video director, Unlimited LA seems to have conducted research on infidelity and has made some discoveries from the exercise.

Per his findings, Unlimited LA revealed on her Instagram page that guys who are not active on social media are the ones who cheat on their partners the most.

However, he claimed that despite his observation, Nigerians are not ready to have this discussion. As usual, a lot of social media users had something to say about it.

Meanwhile Reality TV star Pere, has had a rough week as he was recently hospitalized and now his Instagram account has been deactivated.

However, his management, in a statement, assured the public and fans of the ‘General’ that they were working tirelessly to ensure that the account is restored.

The statement revealed that all updates about Pere would be shared on his fan page, Twitter and Facebook accounts for the mean time.

“We encourage everyone to keep supporting the General on all social media platforms. Thanks for the love,” the statement read in part.

However, it’s unclear what led to the recent development as Instagram is known for deleting, suspending or deactivating accounts that flout its policy.


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