Etinosa Idemudia reveals what triggered her to call Out Warri Pikin Over Her Clout-Chasing Condolence Visit [Video]

Etinosa Idemudia reveals what triggered her to call Out Warri Pikin Over Her Clout-Chasing Condolence Visit [Video]

Nollywood actress, Etinosa Idemudia has revealed the reason why she called out, comedienne, Anita Asuoha popularly known as Real Warri Pikin over her clout-chasing condolence visit.

Recall that the comedian and actress wept uncontrollably as she paid her last respect to her colleague, Ada Ameh.

Ada Ameh’s best friend, Empress Njamah had set up a condolence register in Abuja for the late actress which had celebrities in attendance.

Warri Pikin who was among the celebrities invited was left heartbroken as she wept uncontrollably for Ameh.

In the video she posted on her Instagram page, Warri Pikin could be seen consoling Empress Njamah as she broke down in tears.

“YOUR KIND IS RARE. MAY YOU LIVE LONG ON EARTH! RIP”. She captioned the video.

Angered by herrecording of the heartbreaking moment, Etinosa Idemudia took to her Instagram story to chastise Warri Pikin.

The actress stated that if Warri Pikin was really touched and wasn’t doing it for a publicity sighting, she wouldn’t have the mind to tell her P.A to hold the camera and record her activities.

After her post went viral, many people shared their opinion on the matter While some people supported Etinosa, others attacked her.

Addressing this in an interview with TVC, Etinosa, first of all, revealed that she lost her dad.

She then stated when she saw a video of Warri Piikin walking in a place of condolence and recording it, it upset her and it made her wonder if the person that died really mean anything to the comedienne.

She added that if Ada means anything to her and if she feels hurt about her death, Warri Pikin won’t even remember her phone to record the moment she cried.

She also slammed those who recorded Empress crying, stating that it was not time to take a video.

She said,

“I lost my dad not long ago, when u saw the video of someone going to – I first saw a video of Empress crying placing the pictures and flowers and I was like why is anybody recording this lady in this vulnerable moment and in the video there were other people with phones I could see. What kind of generation is this? What kind of people are this? All holding phones, when they could be consoling her. That triggered me. I saw another video, someone walking into the place of condolence, there is a camera following the person, like if this person means a lot to you and you are pained about her transition to glory there is no way you would remember someone to take you”.


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