Ehi Ogbebor Threatens To Fight Estranged Wife of New Found Lover

Ehi Ogbebor Threatens To Fight Estranged Wife of New Found Lover

Nigerian socialite Ehi Ogbebor has threatened to beat up the wife of her new man for repeated ranting that she snatched her husband.

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The lady married to Ehi Ogbebor’s new man revealed how the Lagos socialite snatched her husband, stating they are traditionally married.

In a chat with a controversial Instagram blogger Gistlovers, the man’s wife revealed they are still traditionally married, with three children and married in the USA because of paperwork.

The lady also revealed that she and Ehi Ogbebor used to be close family friends adding that her husband had once warned her to stay away from Ehi, unknown to her that they are dating.

Earlier, Ehi Ogbebor, in a post shared on her Instagram story, said the wife of her new man is using their kids to gain public sympathy.

According to Ehi, her new man and his wife broke up in 2018 due to reasons known to them, and she met the man two years after their divorce.

In leaked audio that surfaced online, Ehi Ogbebor dares the wife of her new man to come to Nigeria and stop ranting online.

According to Ehi Ogbebor, she would beat up the woman and break all her bones, adding she is irresponsible and should take care of her children instead of making issues with her.

In her words ;

Them wan use me chase clout …15sec fame don’t try me i will post names of your married men boyfriends…they are already shaking!

Madam i took your husband…am not low n petty like u….forming saints for gullible people… am trying to be as mature as possible…. keep slandering me up n down…. when he left u in 2018 did I know him??? Have u signed a divorce paper or not??

Answer logical questions n stop bringing those pretty kids into this…what would make a man walk out on u after 3 kids?? Aunty be calming down … before I spill… we are frds indeed ..


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