‘Don’t rush into marriage, love is not enough’ – Nosa Rex advises

Actor, Nosa Rex has tiped the younger generations planning to marry on how to have a good marriage.

The happily married father of three in a recent interview said, “My advice is that they should not rush into marriage, know why they are getting married and don’t allow anyone to push them into it. One cannot meet a lady today and say you want to marry her today. It’s not possible. I knew my wife for two years and we were friends because I know that love is not enough. Money is important but it is not everything.

Also, they shouldn’t be pretenders but open to each other, and be a team and each other’s friend. There’s no manual for marriage. It’s what people experience that they share and I share these based on my experience.”

Asked what has been the best part of his marriage so far, the comic actor said, “Having my kids at the time I got them. Everything I planned, God gave it to me the way I planned it and that is important and special for me. I can now enjoy my early marriage and youthful life and have the energy to chase my career and give them (my children) the best life. It has been amazing and all the glory belongs to God.”


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