Don’t make people who don’t speak in tongue fell less spiritual- BBNaija’s Saskay

Saskay, Big Brother Naija star, has shared a tweet addressed to those who “speak in tongues.”

She said that those who speak in tongues should stop making those who don’t speak feel less spiritual.

She tweeted;

I’m not against people who speak in tongues but please stop making other who don’t, feel like they’re less spiritual

When asked how not speaking in tongues makes one feel they are not born again, Saskay responded by tweeting;

When a person who can speak in tongue tells me to my face that I need to learn to, to get a deeper connection with God.

In a different news, controversial Nigerian rapper, Blaqbonez has shared that every artiste in the music industry smokes marijuana without fail.

He made this revelation on Twitter when he wrote

“not smoking igbo is almost impossible in this music industry,” on Tuesday August 30.

Some replies under the tweet tried to argue against his stance, listing a number of musicians they believe do not smoke. Blaqbonez however, cleared their doubt by reiterating that the mentioned people do in fact, smoke


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