Don’t attack a domestic violence victim for staying with their abuser” – Stella Damasus

Actress, Stella Damasus has advised people not to attack a victim of domestic violence for staying with their abuser.

Speaking in a video shared on her Instagram page, the 44-year-old actress said it’s normal to want a domestic violence victim to leave the abusive relationship or marriage, but stated that people should not query them for sticking with their abuser.

She said attacking them for choosing to stay will only compound their problem because abused people have been mentally battered and brain conditioned by their abuser, and criticizing them will only damage them further.

Proffering an alternate approach, Stella advised people to listen to abused victims and try to understand their plight, and then try to find them help. She said one can give them shelter or contact a law-enforcement agency.

Watch her speak below,


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